Some guest feedback . . .

“… It’s jamming in here, wall to wall, 45 minute table wait...but it’s completely worth it. Our order took all of 4 minutes – I swear. It’s pancakes, right? You would think, “How amazing can it be?” I’m usually under the impression that your pancake should be sweet. They challenge this and say it’s the combination (syrup/butter &/or powdered sugar), is what makes it good. So much so they have a sourdough option. I’m all about it. I tasted the pancake no syrup. It’s light, fluffy, cooked to perfection but far from sweet. But when you add that syrup it turns into something completely amazing. There right – it’s the process. I never even thought of it this way. I’m 28 and they just changed my outlook on life with PANCAKES and BACON. BACON!! You can’t talk about their BACON unless you use all caps. I have never described BACON with the word girth. But that is the word for it. lol. No complaints, good service & excellent food. I need a nap…

“There is a strange phenomena. A chain franchise restaurant that really cares about its community. The food is just plain wonderful…There is something about dozens of varieties of pancakes, dozens of waffles, every breakfast you can imagine, fresh made with the best of ingredients served by wait staff who hustle, great coffee with real cream, and diet Pepsi. Couple that with an omelette that is full of any goodie you can dream of and is baked so that it is light and fluffy and you have a wonderful restaurant . . .”

“Once you have pancakes at The Original Pancake House, you’ll never eat them at any other breakfast joint. Yes, they are that good.”

“Although there was a wait, they had free coffee available. What a nice touch. The wait was  not long and well worth it! A very extensive menu with too many items I wanted to try. The Irish Eggs Benedict were just exceptional. As in other reviews, the bacon is the best and the hash browns divine. Great service and great food. Too bad they aren’t open 24 hours! I could eat there 3 times a day.”

“Hands down the best bacon (and I’ve eaten a lot of bacon) I’ve had in St. Louis. Long thick cut slices of pure hickory smoked port heaven.”

“This place tastes like my childhood!!!   Glad to be able to share the enjoyment of an amazing breakfast tradition with my kids…Absolutely fantastic menu items you don’t find elsewhere. Be sure to try the Dutch Baby and also the apple pancake. Chocolate chip pancakes are a favorite with kids of all ages.”

“By far the best breakfast place in the STL Metro area. Went on a Saturday morning & had to wait. It was worth every second. I had the Denver Skillet & it came with pancakes. Very delicious & filling. Orange Juice was very good & freshly squeezed. Will definitely be back soon!!!

“Feel like having breakfast? Try The Original Pancake House in the valley. I’ve tried the pancakes, french toast, waffles, eggs, bacon and wheat toast as well as the fresh squeezed orange juice. All items are exceptionally good! The servers are friendly, attentive and efficient. It is definitely a treat…”

“I previously gave this place 4 stars & was very happy with it. This time I was extremely happy! I got the gluten free blueberry pancakes which come with a blueberry compote they make in  house…the were the lightest, fluffiest, freshest pile of wonderfulness on a plate I’ve had in quite awhile. Seriously fantastic. Deserves an upgrade to the 5 star status.  Yay!! I not only love giving these but love finding a place I can go back to again & again….On a side note, they put all items for the GF person on red plates (everyone else gets white) so there is no mix-up back…I’ve never seen this anywhere else but it’s a pure stroke of genius. If you are eating GF and a non red plate lands in front of you speak up!!”

“My daughter and I stumbled on this place while staying at a hotel near by. The food here is so delicious! The service was even better. I can not say enough about our waitress, Michelle. She was so nice and did a great job! If you ever have a change swing by for some of the best pancakes you will ever eat!”

“We only recently heard about this place so we decided to go on a Friday morning & avoid the long lines…We split the signature apple pancakes and a HUGE Greek omelet. That was a LOT of food for two people! We’ll warm up the apple pancakes & put some whipped cream on them tonight! My wife & I thought the food was great, as was the service. Yes, it was a bit pricey, but another person or two could have easily shared the breakfast with us.”

“If you like breakfast this is your place. The omelettes, apple pancake, & bacon are second to none. I mean it. This place is awesome. Expect to wait 45 minutes on Saturday or Sunday morning. The OJ is great too.”

“First time eating here and I would definitely go back! Best pancakes I have every had and the western omelette was the bomb! I went on a Sat morning and waited for an hour for a party of 2 but it was well worth the wait!”

“…I had a waffle with Granny Smith apples and their homemade apple syrup. That syrup was so good you could drink it. it was not sticky like maple syrup; it was light and fresh. Our server told us they made it by squeezing the juice out of the apples YUMMY! .”

“I absolutely cannot get enough of this place. I may be bias since I am a breakfast nut, but this place has it all. While you are going to spend more that your average Denny’s type establishment it will be hard to match the portion and quality found here.  Their omelets are absolutely killer, oozing cheese out with every bite. Their pancakes are unreal, and the selection is unbelievable. Their bacon is thick cut and cooked to a slight crisp, without being greasy.  Even their coffee was delicious. I will definitely be back next time i need a good hearty breakfast, and I recommend this establishment to anyone…”

“I love this place. They have the best pancakes I have ever had. I’ve never had something I don’t like – Hawaiian, Georgia Pecan, chocolate chip banana, hash browns, smoked salmon, and especially their coffee. Even if you don’t typically use syrup, you have to try the tropical kind.”